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Major Funding Provided by:

The Hansen Foundation


Long Island Community Foundation ENEE Philanthropic Fund 

We are incredibly grateful for this steadfast support.

Thank you to all those who have given gifts to Improbable Stage:

Tier One:

Jazz Adam, Jonah Allon, Eric Applegate, Andrew Arrieta,

Delores & Walter Balcerak, Gary Belkin & Kate Burch-Belkin,

Landon Boren, Brian Brown, Lucius Bryant, The Castro Family,

Paul-Emile Cendron, Joyce Cohen, Melissa Constantinides,

Nicole Dancel, Divya Dharmavaram, Robert Duke, Fei Lu Fang,

Anis Ghanem, Eileen Glassmire, Gordon Gosnell, Francisco Grullon,

Katherine Hansen, Abir Hossain, Samuel Hough, Steven Jones,

Ronald Kass, Neal Kowalsky, Daniel Martinez, Annelise McCarthy,

Milad Momeni, Danielle Mumpower, Brittany Perlmuter,

Jacob Primmerman, Liam Reily, Mike Sankri, 

Teri & March Schrader, Sophie Schulman, Alexis Sweeney, 

Mark Takla, Brigitte Thieme-Burdette, Doug Thoene, 

Jim Tilton & Rob Rabine, Elizabeth Van Buren, Brian Walters, 

Emma Weiss, Proctor Woodrow, Roger Wu

Tier Two:

Patricia & Stephen Attoe

Michelle Demko

The Epstein Family

Geula Freeman

Darren Katz

The Leff Family

Richard & Dawn Stewart

Tier Three:

Jimmy Barbuto

The DiSciascio Family

$1 or $100, your gift will go a long way.

We thank you so very much for your support.


Stacy & the Members of Improbable Stage

Our heartfelt thanks to 


The Hansen Foundation

for five years of unwavering support.

Thank you also to Kori Rushton & IRT Theater, 

our theatre home since 2010.