Listen . . .

As old as time itself, communication is part of the human instinct.  We need to communicate what we think, what we feel, who we are.  Communicate:  to impart knowledge; to give or interchange thoughts; to express thoughts or ideas.  For generations, the essence of who we are and our life stories have been preserved by the stories we tell.  Talk:  to speak; to tell; to impart; to express one’s thoughts and ideas with words.  A single human life tells multiple poignant eloquent stories.  Listen: to pay attention; to attend closely for the purpose of hearing & understanding; to wait attentively for a sound.  Yet, does anyone truly Listen . . .?


This physical theatre piece contemplates the human stories we tell – the ongoing plot that develops, the different archetypes we wear throughout our lives and all that we could learn from listening to the stories inspired by the human condition.  The piece explores listening, not as a mechanical operation, but as an art of the soul.  Are we so absorbed in telling our own stories that we never take the time to Listen . . .?


Cast: Amy Berger, Justine Cady, Ryan Castro, Tali Custer, John DiSciascio, Amanda Ebert, Kenny Fedorko, Julia Hansen, Miles G. Jackson, Virginia Kozemczak, Lauren Lasorda, Caiti Maloney, Bryce Payne, Liah Rozenman, Hansen Wetsel

Director:  Stacy A. Donovan


Performance Dates:

June 16 @ 7pm

June 17 @ 7pm

June 18 @ 3pm & 7pm

June 19 @ 3pm