Every BOX has six sides, twelve edges, and eight corners.  It is consistent.  It is what’s expected. It does not change.  We often make ourselves slaves to finite expectations.  When does our BOX become a prison?

Told predominantly through movement, this theatre piece contemplates the safety, the comfort, and the joy of the BOX we know, all the while asking us to consider the possibilities that can arise when one is willing to step outside of that with which we are familiar and perhaps love more than anything else, in order to experience or perchance even to create something new.

Are you intrepid, or are you content with the finite definition of happiness and success that our social order dictates?  Find out as you take this theatrical journey exploring a life lived inside and outside the BOX.


BOX made its world premiere at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  

“. . . thought provoking, innovative, interesting . . . not for traditionalists.”  - 

The Spaces at Royal College of Surgeons/Venue 

# 53/Box Office #0845 508 8515

August 18 @ 18:30 – August 19 @ 12:30 – August 20 @ 16:30 – August 21 @ 14:30


2009 Original Cast: Ian Bicket, Justine Cady, Alyssa Dillon, Kenny Fedorko, Evan Fuhrer, Maria Gonzalez, Julia Hansen, Cate Howes, Trinity Kronk, Aurley Morris, Daniel Petricca, Alexandra Proie, Michael Sutton

Director: Stacy A. Donovan

Crew: Lauren Clement, Meredith Doyle*, Daniel Evanko*, Jason Evanko*, Laura Hansen*, Andrew Hennion*, Katie Hough


New York Premiere in 2010

Director: Stacy A. Donovan

Cast:  Ronit Aranoff**, Akeem Baisden-Folkes, Erin Carr, Ryan Castro, Talitha Custer, Virginia K. Dixon,

Kenny Fedorko*, Julia Hansen*, Carlos Ibarra**, Lauren Lasorda*, Megan Linde, Sydney Matthews,

Kori Rushton** Understudy – Trish Phelps

Crew:  Nicole Gehring, Renee L. Miller, Dawn Johnson, Justine Cady, Dan Evanko

*Improbable Stage Company member

**Appeared courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association