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IMPROBABLE STAGE  is a "not-making-a-profit" theatre company based in New York City.  Our members make up an impassioned ensemble that is dedicated to creating intriguing theatrical work, both original pieces and reimagined classics, and to supporting theatre artists as they make their way in New York City.

Improbable Stage is a sustainable organization.

We at Improbable Stage do our very best to have as little negative impact on the earth as possible .  Our theatrical style is minimal in its scenic elements; and all of the materials used in our shows are either donated to schools or theatres or are recycled post production.  We reuse or recycle all programs and other paper products.  90% of our advertising is done electronically, not in print.  We are wholeheartedly dedicated to our craft and to being responsible custodians of the earth.

“Theater was a verb before it was a noun.

It was an act before it was a place.”

~ Martha Graham

For more information about The Improbable Stage Company, e-mail Artistic Director, Stacy Donovan

Our next workshop is on Saturday

March 17th.

We hope you can join us.

Please check the WORKSHOPS page for the full season calendar.

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